Join Kofax and a small group of your industry peers at our Breakfast Club Roundtable at Lord’s Cricket Grounds (with an optional tour afterwards) as we explore the evolution of the Digital Mailroom from just a simple scanning centre to a digital workflow powerhouse. We’ll discuss:

  • How the Digital Mailroom has evolved to do so much more in supporting inbound channels
  • How intelligent automation utilizes machine learning and AI to transform your existing digital mailroom
  • Why it’s now one of the fastest growing sectors in the digital economy
Date & Time:
Thursday, 24th March 2022,
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM GMT
Lords Cricket Ground,
J.P Morgan Media Centre,
Speaker information:
Jim Close,
Regional Vice President
EMEA Enterprise
Kofax, Inc.

Join Jim Close, Regional Vice President, EMEA Enterprise, and other Kofax leaders for this impactful conversation. Register now to save your seat at the table.

Jim Close
Regional Vice President, EMEA Enterprise
Kofax, Inc.

Jim Close is the Regional Vice President for the UK and Ireland at Kofax, a leading supplier of Intelligent Automation software for digital workflow transformation. Jim has been in the UK technology market for four decades, with a variety of experience in software, telecoms, banking, pharma, retail, international leadership, marketing and sales. He’s equally at ease in the boardroom – pitching to investors, leading hands-on turnarounds, or taking new technology to market and has become something of a specialist in de-tangling the jargon of technologists and creatively applying technology to real-life business problems.